11,6 km


ca 7h

Vertical climb

1.016 m

Vertical descent

996 m

Tour 2

Peak of Blaser

Blaser is located in the Stubai Alps, just above Hohe Burg Alpenhof. We will climb to the summit directly from the hotel, it is a very rewarding excursion with stunning views over the Zillertal Alps. Thanks to its soft terrain, it is an ideal excursion for snow lovers. It will be a long but very beautiful tour.

The name of the mountain is related to local wind phenomen of Föhn, that is why when wind blows from the south, it is not recommended to climb to the peak, due to strong gusts of wind.


1.270 m


2.180 m


2.237 m


1.950 m


1.270 m
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