Approach by road

3 h


324 km

Day 1

arriving in Gschnitzal, Tirol

If we travel by plane, we recommend flying to Munich and arriving mid-morning. The minibus that will take us to Austria is waiting for us at the airport. We will check in and have dinner at the Hotel Hohe Burg in Trins.

Depending on the arrival time of the flight, we can take a walk around the hotel; visit the Sarnthein waterfall, crossing the lush forests of the "Bergsteigerdorf" Trins, and return to the hotel next to the Gschnitzbach river, with translucent waters, which is running through this gorgious valley.

If we travel by car (an option to consider) we can settle in the hotel and take a walk in the same manner.

We will stay a total of five nights at the Hohe Burg Hotel, in the small town of Trins, which has approximately 1,300 inhabitants.

The valley is known for its numerous alpine shelters and for the 'Stubaier Höhenweg' refuge-to-refuge path, but also for the enormous biodiversity of alpine flora. There is a large population of alpine Ibex and golden eagles in this region. 90% of the municipal area is a nature reserve.

It is a very cozy, clean hotel, with modernized rooms, all in wood, has a sauna and relaxation space, as well as common meeting areas. Christian, our host, cares a lot about the details and that everything is in place, he is also a great cook. Typical Tyrolean cuisin awaits us. 



1.220 m
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