324 km


30 km

Steinach trainstation

5 km

Warming Day

Hotel to Lake - Home Trail

On the first day, maybe after a long trip to Tyrol and check in, it is best to get some fresh air and explore the area surrounding the hotel. Before that we would like to meet and clarify our program, the area, the map details and the app as well as any open questions with you. We can also coordinate the order of the tours with the weather report. If everything is clear it´s just to hit the first trail, along the crystal clear mountain stream to its source, the Obernbergersee at 1,600 m. It is worthwhile to circle the quiet lake surrounded by nothing but the forest and its surrounding peaks. After this 10km run and 300hm the dinner will be as appreciated as the bed to be rested for the upcoming trail running days.



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