mid June through mid September


trailruning - self guided


5 days




in the alps

Welcome to the a wild part of the Tyrolian mountains - full of trails to be descovered on your own! We give you all you need to find your way and back to the hotel again. But you will be on your own, walking steep mountainsides and running scenic ridge trails and jumping cold mountain lakes. Choose your setup and speed and be sure there is somebody to talk back to if you need. 

All the trails described are marked and official hiking paths, which under normal circumstances are secure to use within their gradiation of red and black paths. Black paths ask for alpine experience, secure step and no fear of hights. However, one should always be carefull in alpine terrain and be aware of alpine risks such as cold fronts, thunderstorms, landslides due to heavy rain, etc. and the effects of sun, dehydration and hight on the own body.

Please note, that you are moving on own risk in the mountains and in case of insecurity or possible danger please take contact with us, when without coverage turn back or choose an alternative path without taking risks.  

What's included


  • Personal Trail Meeting 
  • Hiking map with marked trails (1:30.000)
  • Detailed trail description 
  • GPS/X Tracks of your trails via App or Watch
  • free local transports with all public busses**
  • 50% on gondola ticket Bergeralm**
  • Hotel, Hut and airport-transfer reservations*
  • General Informations
  • Phone assistance
  • Bad weather alternatives

* organized by local partner travel agency 

** Wipptal Card entitles for this bonus. You get one from the hotel. 

What's not included

  • Air ticket.
  • Transportation from Munich airport to destination and from destination to Munich airport.
  • Additional extras; Cable car ticket in Innsbruck, extra meals, additional transport ...
  • Unforeseen expenses caused by uncontrollable circumstances such as cancellations or delays of flights, blocked roads, atmospheric conditions, natural disasters, etc ...
  • Additional single room supplement.
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