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Hiking in Tirol

Hiking Tirol offers guided services and travel programs, in collaboration with local hotels and companies and together with our skilled Hikingh Guides we invite you to discover the mountains and landscapes of Tirol, while hiking or trailrunning. 

This austrian region of the Tyrol, during all its seasons, presents a landscape full of beauty and surprises ... Unlike other alpine regions, some areas of Tyrol are still remote and full of authenticity. The Tyroleans have a fairly strong identity, they are gentle, hospitable and with a great sense of humor.

Summer in Obernberg

the Tyrol awaits you

Wipptal is a great valley, with several important sub-valleys. It goes from Innsbruck, passing through Brenner and extending towards Italy. We will stay in an absolutely genuine area, a remote place in a strategic enclave. From here we have easy access to the great mountains in the south of Innsbruck and we also have a truly magical natural setting, where flora and fauna grow wild. The mountains that rise directly from the valley are between 2,000m and 3,200m high.

Winter in the Wipptal


Tirol is one of the best destinations in Europe for snowshoeing. The Wipptal Valley is especially valued for its enormous ski touring possibilities. We will stay in the Gschniztal valley, in Trins, just 30 km from Innsbruck and in the heart of Tyrol, from here we will access a wide variety of excursions and an infinite number of untouched virgin snow spots.

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